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Exhibition - Discoveries and Massacres

Discoveries and Massacres

Ardengo Soffici and Impressionism in Florence

27-09-2016 - 08-01-2017

The exhibition, dedicated to Ardengo Soffici (1879 - 1964), will be an opportunity to retrace the artistic experience as a painter, writer, art critic and polemicist who actively lived his time, coming into contact and sometimes in deep, bold contrast with contemporary movements of Italian and European art scene. The title of the exhibition, Discoveries and Massacres alludes to the same of Soffici texts collection, published between the first and second decades of the twentieth century, recognized today, together with the cultural initiatives he supported and organized (as the First Italian exhibition of Impressionism staged in Florence in 1910), decisive steps for twentieth-century key renewal of Italian art. The works on display (from Segantini to Cezanne, from Renoir, Picasso, from Degas to Medardo Rosso, from De Chirico to Carra etc., over the same Soffici), selected based on their preferences and aversions explained, will be commented by critical songs extracted from the artistic writings, to ideally accompany the visitor to rediscover one of the most fertile and productive interpretations of the origins of contemporary art, with its decisive "discoveries" and its drastic "massacres."