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The Florentine convent of San Marco, formerly belonging to the Salvestrini monks, was entrusted to the Dominicans of Fiesole by Pope Eugene IV on January 21, 1436. The severely damaged building was completely rebuilt and transformed by Michelozzo, starting in 1437, as commissioned by Cosimo de’ Medici. The reconstruction lasted until 1452, beginning with the cell and continuing with the cloister, the chapter house (1442), and the library (1444). Meanwhile, the church was completed and consecrated in early 1443. The second cloister was subsequently organized. The pictorial decoration, headed by Fra Angelico, had to proceed nearly parallel to Michelozzo’s work, until his departure for Rome, between 1446 and 1447.
According to Ciaranfi and Pope-Hennessy, the master continued work on the convent upon his return. Therefore, the total period of activity can be established as lasting from 1438 to 1446-50. Regarding The Annunciation’s authenticity, most criticism is unanimous in judging the fresco amongst fra Angelico’s most important achievements. Salmi cites a lesser-known replica, of private collection, in a pubblication by Van Marle.