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Museum - La Velata

According to certain scholars, the character is identified with, “La Fornarina” (bakeress). In 1688, it is cited in a room on the second floor of the same building; in 1723, it is mentioned on the first floor, in Princess Violante’s apartment, where it remained until 1761. During the Leopoldian restoration of the grand-ducal art gallery, it was moved into the Hall of Jupiter and attributed to Sustermans. In 1810, is first cited in the Hall of Apollo, then, in 1828, in the Hall of the Education of Jupiter, and finally, at the beginning of the 20th century, once again in the Hall of Jupiter.

The picture was painted over many times, thus its attribution to Sanzio, affirmed by Passavant, had little following in the nineteenth century. The attribution wasn’t definitively accepted by critics until the beginning of the 20th century. Scholars date the painting between 1512-1513 and 1515-1516.

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