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Uffizi Gallery - Art, History, Collections by Gloria Fossi (version in italian). Date of publication: 2011. Size: 22.3x26.5 cm). A thoroughly documented, richly illustrated book, updated on all the Uffizi's latest news and restoration efforts, and traceable room-by-room, like a guide. The extensive introductory chapters recount the museum's origins, the formation of the collections at the hands of the Medici and Lorena families, and illustrate the history of Art and Europe through the changes in taste and cultural policy of a comissioning commitee that was at times religious or secular, and at others, bourgeois or aristocratic. On the artwork description pages (organized according to the latest displays in the gallery and the Contini Bonacossi Collection), the reader is informed of the most recent and authoritative art research. You will find extensive comments on each image: explanations that will help you navigate their complex symbolic meanings, in addition to updates on the origin of the paintings, new attibutions, and restorations. The volume includes artists' biographies, a general catalog of the artwork on display in every room, and accurate indices. Illustrated with over 400 color reproductions.
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