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National Archeological Museum of Florence Guide by Anna Maria Esposito and Maria Cristina Guidotti (in Italian). Size: 11.7x19.3 cm. Inaugurated in 1881, in the 17th century Palazzo Crocetta, this museum contains masterpieces of Etruscan, Greek-Roman, and Egyptian art, in addition to famous collections of large bronze sculptures (the Chimera and Idolino), figurative Attic pottery (the Francois Vase), Greek sculptures (the Kouroi Arcaici Apollo and Apollino Milani) and Etruscan statuary. The Egyptian collection is one of Italy's finest, second only to the Egyptian Museum of Turin. This is the official guide to the National Archeological Museum, completely new and guaranteed to assist the visitor. Realized in collaboration between the publisher, the Fine Art Historic Works Service, and the museum directors, the guide is a rich resources of colour illustrations and full of useful details compiled by top specialists in each sector. It, therefore, contains the most up-to-date, reliable information one could wish for when visiting the museum.
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