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Orsanmichele Church and Museum, edited by A. Godoli (in side-by-side Italian and English text). Size: 12x19 cm. Pages: 96. 55 color photos, and 55 black and white photos. The official guide on the Museum of the historical Church of Orsanmichele in Florence. The monumental building was originally a wheat market. It was later transformed into a church in order to honour the miraculous virtues of a Madonna that was painted inside, which became a Florentine Gothic masterpiece. Inside, magnificent frescoes decorate the walls, and the wonderful marble tabernacle by Orcagna stands out between representations of the Enthroned Madonna by Nardo di Cione. Copies of sculptures, made by famous artists such as Donatello, are housed in the tabernacles outside, while the originals are kept in the museum on the second floor.

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