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Pitti Palace: Palatine Gallery - Official Guide by A. Cecchi and M. De Luca Savelli. Availible in: ??Italian, English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, and Russian. Size: 12x19 cm. Pages: 96. 130 color photographs and 90 museum room diagrams. This is the new and updated guide to the Palatine Gallery Collections, housed within Florence's Pitti Palace, one of the most important museums in the world (both for the number of works displayed and the quality of masterpieces collected). We can admire exhibitions of Flemish art and paintings by Andrea del Sarto, Raffaello, Tiziano, Tintoretto and Veronese in the Gallery halls, fruits of tireless collectors' passion of the Medici and later of the Lorena family. The guide's new graphic design allows for a quick orientation among the hundreds of paintings that decorate the rooms' walls, through the consultation of a rapid and exhaustive didactic inventory. The most important works, either for artistic merit or their curious history, are accompanied by brief analysis profiles.

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