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Pitti Place: All Museums, All Works of Art, by M. Chiarini.
Available languages: ??Italian, English, Spanish, French, German, and Japanese.
Size: 19.5x26.3 cm.
Pages: 192. 30 back and white photos, 345 color photos.
Pitti Palace is the world's most complete museum complex. Its collections include paintings, sculptures, and applied works of art from all periods of history (ancient, modern, and contemporary). Moreover, it boasts the world's most beautiful gardens (Boboli), the Medici family's treasures (the Silverworks and Porcelain Museums), and the Palace holdings (Royal Apartments, Living Quarters, Tapestry Collection, and Carriage Museum). This is the Complete Official Guide to the Pitti Palace Museums. It opens with the building's early architectural history (Pitti Palace, the royal residence of three dynasties), recounted by Laura Baldini Giusti. Then Marco Chiarini goes on to cover the Palatine Gallery, while the Royal Apartments and recently restored Tapestry Collection are commented on by Fausta Navarro. The complex Gallery of Modern Art is presented by Carlo Sisi. Laura Baldini Giusti introduces the Bourbon and New Palatine Quarters, the Winter Quarters (or Apartments of the Duchess of Aosta), and the Quarters of the Prince of Naples. The Costume Gallery is described by Caterina Chiarelli; the Silverworks Museum by Marilena Mosco; the Boboli Gardens by Litta Medri and Giorgio Galletti; the Porcelain Museum by Marilena Mosco; and the Carriage Museum by Fausta Navarro.

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