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Museo della Natura Morta - Villa Medicea di Poggio a Caiano: a short guide by S. Casciu (in Italian). Size: 14x21 cm. Pages: 48. 50 color photographs. The selection of works exhibited at the Poggio a Caiano Museum of Still Life (which, in many cases, are on public display for the first time), takes not only quality and historic/artistic meaning in relation to theme-specific reconstructions into account, but also examines the complicated structure of this enormous amount of works, in various time-honored locations. The Museum of Still Life inside the Villa of Poggio a Caiano, the final result of these complex events, opened with an exhibition setup. This is the first step in a museological and scientific process that will certainly see new developments, initiatives, and collaborations in terms of scientific research and cultural production, remaining open to possibilities that the future may hold. In this regard, the museum has been equipped with storage to accommodate other still-life works that couldn't be included in the exhibition (but which can be visited on request by scholars and specialists), and if necessary, will approve a rotation of the pieces already on display.
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