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Villa Medicea di Cerreto Guidi by G. Damiani (in Italian). Size: 12x19 cm. The volume is the new official guide on the Villa Medicea of Cerreto Guidi Museum, an important, historic residence of Florence's ruling family since the Renaissance. After years of neglect and decay, the Historical Museum of Hunting and Territory opened on its first floor in September 2012. It houses a collection of weapons, and the interior has been decorated with furniture and art consistent with the buildings style and age, especially drawing from the never-ending Bardini Collection recently acquired by the State. The residence's historic garden has been restored in a similar fashion. This guide provides a clear itinerary through the villa's rooms, discovering works of art from ancient Etruscan and Roman times, and valuable paintings and sculptures along the way. Noteworthy artists include: Luca di Tommaso, Antonio Pollaiolo, "Sodoma," Livio Mehus, Giovan Battista Foggini, Pompeo Batoni, Giuseppe Bezzuoli, and Libero Andreotti. Interesting, precious weapons, primarily for hunting and shooting from the 17th to 19th century,  can be found in the rooms dedicated to the Museum of Hunting. A few minutes from the town of Vinci (the birthplace of Leonardo), the Villa of Cerreto Guidi offers a rich artistic collection with something for everyone.
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