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The Cenacolo of "Fuligno" in Florence, by R. Caterina Proto Pisani (in side-by-side Italian and English text). Size: 12x19 cm. Pages: 48. Color photos: 47. The book is the first guide on the Cenacolo of "Fuligno" in Florence, a small but precious museum, housed within the convent of the Beato Angelico of Foligno's monumental refectory walls, and famous for its beautiful fresco depicting L'Ultima Cena, by Pietro Perugino. In the first part of the book, the author outlines the monastery's historic and artistic events, in a brief but accurate essay; from its foundation to the present day, including the various steps that led to the refectory's transformation into a museum (the rest of the convent has been used for charitable and social initiatives for centuries). In the second part, the reader is taken on a veritable tour of the museum, which, in addition to masterpieces by Perugino, also houses an interesting collection of works by artists from Tuscay and beyond, who were influenced by the Umbrian master.

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