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The Cenacle of Santa Apollonia, by R. Caterina Proto Pisani (in side-by-side Italian and English text). Size: 12x19 cm. Pages: 48. Color photos: 50. This is the first guide on the fascinating Cenacle of Santa Apollonia, in Florence, and the frescoes of Andrea del Castagno. Admiring the Ultima Cena will help readers understand what Filippo Brunelleschi's classical order, Alberti's ornate perspective, the dream of the past making its comeback, and the supremacy of
Man as the center of God's universe (and the
measure of all things) must have meant to Florentines during the 15th century. Due to the unity of light and space found in the Cenacle, this work of art is considered to be the most stunning illusion of reality of the entire Renaissance. This book is written by Rosanna Caterina Proto Pisani, an art historian who works for the Soprintendenza Speciale at the Polo Museale Fiorentino. Her background and studies guide her interest in Renaissance art. She is the author of various publications on the subject.
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