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The Cloister of the Scalzo in Florence, by R. Caterina Proto Pisani (in side-by-side Italian/English text). Size: 12x19 cm. Pages: 48. Color photos: 40. Few know of or have ever been to the Cloister of the Scalzo. Here, the noise of the city is distant and barely audible. At certain times of day, and in certain seasons of the year, it's possible to find yourself competely alone in front of Andrea del Sarto's magnum opus; what better chance to get a close-up look at the "flawless painter's" work, inside a melodious monochrome quadrangle? Enclosed within this jewel of intimate architecture, the cycle of frescoes by Andrea del Sarto reveal themselves like a pearl, recounting the Stories of Giovanni Battista. A true Florentine Renaissance masterpiece.

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