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Nello Splendore Mediceo: Papa Leone X a Firenze

Curator:  N. Baldini e M. Bietti
Size:  24x28 cm
Edition:  2013
Pages:  640

Catalogue of the exhibition curated by Nicoletta Baldini and Monica Bietti at the Medici Chapel Museum and Casa Buonarroti, March 25 - October 6, 2012, in Florence. The Medici Chapel Museum celebrates Leo X, the first pope from the Medici family, 500 years after election to the papacy. The exhibition aims to illustrate Giovanni's life in several sections: his training at an early age; when he met his peer, Michelangelo (whom Giovanni hosted at his house); his appointment as cardinal; the events that crushed the family during the Savonarola age; and finally, his election to St. Peter's throne, under the name of Leo X.


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