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Edited by:  Enrico Colle
Size:  21x25 cm
Year of publication:  2013
Pages:  96

Catalogue of the exhibition on Japanese helmets, swords, armor, and shields curated by Enrico Colle at the Museo Stibbert, March 26 - November 3, 2013, in Florence. This compilation aims to revisit and develop the topic of armor created for the powerful and refined Samurai caste, over the course of nearly three centuries. The, at the same time, terribile and seductive charm that the magnificent armor and extravagant helmets still manage to eminate today (think of their many interpretations by contemporary artists and designers) was the starting point for developing a path to highlight the materials and craftsmanship with which Japanese artists were able to create true works of art. The power of steel, hardened and re-hardened, was made ??even more captivating by contrasting it with silk ornaments in irredescent colors, skillfully tanned leathers, and brilliant paint. The book also coves what is considered the essential weaponry for a Samurai: his sword, a clear symbol of social status.
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