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The Costume Gallery is located in the elegant Palazzina della Meridiana of Palazzo Pitti, and it is the only museum of Costume and Fashion history in Italy. The collection consists of more than 6000 pieces, including ancient dresses, costumes and accessories. Due to the delicate nature of the collection it is often displayed on a rota basis, according to different criterias (chronological, topic based, geographical). The refurbished exhibition now features a brand new itinerary with 15 sections dedicated to the most influential women of 19th Century fashion including Rosa Genoni, Donna Franca Florio, Patty Pravo, Susan Nevelson and Lietta Cavalli, as well as artists and accessories designers such as Flora Wiechmann Savioli and Angela Caputi. Two sections are entirely dedicated to bridal gowns and weaved jewels created by Rwanda women. 

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