A series of rooms displaying one hundred and forty-four works from the Contini Bonacossi collection has been laid out in the Uffizi. This is the final act in a long, tortuous and turbulent drama that began in 1969 with the donation of the works to the State by the heirs of the ancient Florentine family. This is a collection boasting a wealth of masterpieces by artists such as Duccio di Buoninsegna, Sassetta, Andrea del Castagno, Giovanni Bellini, Giovanni Boltraffio, Giovan Gerolamo Savoldo, Paolo Veronese, Gian Lorenzo Bernini and Jacopo Tintoretto. This volume traces the history of the collection and the events of the donation, but above all presents for the first time in the form of a catalogue-guide all the works in the collection and the main artworks, commented on by specialists.

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Publication date: 28/02/2018
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