1 - When can you make a return?

Only defective products can be returned after delivery and within 60 working days from the date the defect was discovered. This must be done within 90 working days upon receiving the product.

2 - When you can ask for a delivered product to be picked up for return?

It is possible to request that a delivered product be returned by making the request within 14 working days from the delivery date of the product.
It is not possible to accept a request made before the product has been delivered.

3 - How do I submit a return request?

The request must be made using the contact form: help@firenzemuseistore.com

4 - Refund Policy

On return of the product, the customer will be given a refund equal to the cost of the product, excluding shipping costs, which are to be met by the customer.
Shipping costs will be refunded once the defect or flaw in the purchased product has been established.

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