Piazza San Marco, 3

The museum occupies a large area of the Dominican convent of San Marco and maintains its atmosphere intact. Founded in 1436 and built following a project by the architect Michelozzo, the convent played an important role in the religious and cultural life of the city, as highlighted by the story of Friar Gerolamo Savonarola, who made the convent his headquarters. The fame of the museum is mainly due to the paintings of Beato Angelico, one of the greatest painters of the Renaissance, who frescoed many rooms of the convent. Among the main works by Angelico, the Annunciation can be admired – a masterpiece of Renaissance painting – the Deposition, the Triptych of St. Peter the Martyr, the Annalena Altarpiece, the Last Judgment, the San Marco Altarpiece, the Madonna and Child and the Tabernacle of the Linaioli. Also important are the collections of the sixteenth century, with works by Fra Bartolomeo, and the section dedicated to finds from buildings in the historic centre demolished in the nineteenth century.

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