Reproduction of the Boy with Thorn, or Spinario, example of ancient Roman art.
Handcrafted product made in Tuscany in lost wax bronze casting.
The staute is to be found inside the Galleria degli Uffizi.

Dating back to the first century BC, the Spinario (Boy with Thorn) is a delicate marble sculpture, a Roman copy of a bronze original from the Hellenistic period, depicting a seated boy pulling out a thorn from his foot. According to the Greek tradition, the scene depicts a young man injured during the grape harvest, while in Rome it was reinterpreted as Ascanius, son of the hero Aeneas, considered in turn to be the progenitor of the dynasty of Julius Caesar and Augustus. The delicacy of the scene and the figure of the child have provided the inspiration for numerous modern statues.

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Height: cm 22
Weight: kg 2,3
Material and finishing: lost wax bronze casting, brown patina
Shipping: White Gloves handling or special needs – Contact

Craftsman: Fonderia Artistica Marinelli
An undisputed Florentine excellence, the Foundry is heir to a tradition that has been handed down from master to apprentice since the 16th century. Known for its faithful bronze replicas of Renaissance originals, now placed also in the city’s squares and streets, Fonderia Marinelli’s selection also includes small-scale replicas of sculptures from the Uffizi Galleries and under the Loggia dei Lanzi. All the subjects are bronze castings with different patinas and are placed on marble and bronze bases.

Weight 2300 g

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