Reproduction of the bust of Leonardo da Vinci.
Craft artefact produced in Tuscany in white resin and marble powder, with wooden base.

Born in Vinci, near Florence, in 1452 he was a painter, sculptor, mathematician, engineer, botanist and anatomist. His many talents and his studies in the fields of medicine, geology and natural sciences bring him closer to the modern idea of scientist. In addition to his most famous works, including the Annunciation, housed today in Le Gallerie degli Uffizi, notable was his production of technical writings, on weaponry, hydraulics and engineering, innovative was his scenography for plays of his times, as well as his architectural studies. After leaving Florence for Milan in 1482, he spent the last years of his life in France, at the service of Francis I. He died in Amboise in 1519.

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Materials: resin and marble, wooden base
Size: cm 15
Weight: g 450

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