Plaster cast of the Pitti Tondo, the famous marble bas-relief by Michelangelo, depicting the Virgin and Child, produced between 1503 and 1504.
Handcrafted item made in Tuscany.
The original is now housed in the Museo Nazionale del Bargello.

Created around 1504, the Pitti Tondo is a marble bas-relief sculpted by Michelangelo at the same time as his famous David. In the scene depicted, Mary looks away from a book, probably the Holy Scriptures, in which she is reading the prophecies concerning the fate of her son, who is resting his elbow on his mother’s legs. Mary is brooding, worried about the fate of her son, while the young Jesus displays all the carefreeness of childhood.

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Material: plaster
Diameter: cm 25
Depth: cm 4
Weight: kg 2,4

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