The Vasari Corridor is an amazing suspended road that takes its name from its creator: architect, painter and historian Giorgio Vasari.
built in record time between March and December 1565, for the wedding (1565) of Prince Francesco de ‘Medici with Joanna of Austria, the about 800-metre-long Corridor crosses the Uffizi and connects the two ducal residences of Palazzo Vecchio and Palazzo Pitti.
This aerial path crosses the river, overpasses streets, houses, towers, palaces and gardens: trying to describe it, one must go back to its function of passage, to the urban topography into which it camouflages itself,. Despite its amazing linear development, it offers an extraordinary variety of architectural solutions, conceived to harmonize with the different areas of the city through which it passed.
The book by Francesca Funis is dedicated to the in-depth study of this unique urban infrastructure and it also provides a wide range of images, historical illustrations, floor plans and archival documents.

The author explores the architecture, form, construction, uses and restorations of the Vasari Corridor from several different angles.

While displaying the distinct scientific rigour, the book is also intended for non-specialist readers who are lovers of art and curious to learn about one of the most enigmatic and representative structures of Florence, capital of the Cinquecento.

Edited by: Francesca Funis

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Edited by: Francesca Funis
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Publication date: 2019
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